Friday, May 9, 2014

Just Right

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to keep your horse at the perfect weight? It's been an ongoing cycle with Roz. I wouldn't say he's a hard keeper but he isn't easy either. Even in light work he takes quite a bit of feed. He normally gets a bit fat in the spring, and no matter how close I watch him he tends to drop a little bit more weight than I want heading in to winter. Then he stays a bit thin until we hit spring again. He's still slightly on the thin side and I know it's really better for his body to be a little lighter than carrying around too much weight.

Emi's going to have the opposite problem. She has really blossomed on the green grass the last couple of weeks. They are still on pretty limited grass turn out, 2-3 hours per day. I was grooming her tonight and she's getting so shiny and round! It's amazing what lush green grass will do. Since her body style is different than Roz it's also harder for me to tell if she's at a good weight or not. I've been pleased so far with the weight I've had her at. Now I just don't want her to become too fat!

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  1. It is hard! Chrome gets fat easy too. I also had problems with him getting thin for the first time this last winter because it was the first time he's weathered one on five acres. Definitely a different story from the thirty he used to be on. I can tell when Chrome is getting too fat by the fat pads. If you feel the belly right in front of the stifle under the flank there will be a fat pad there if they get too fat. They can get them around the tail head too, but he hasn't been that fat. I was thinking there was another one, but I can't remember where.... taking pictures helps too. A good conformation shot once or twice a month comes in handy. Sometimes Chrome starts to lose weight (like when the green grass first started coming in and he wasn't interested in hay) and I don't even notice it at first until I see a picture. Good luck keeping their weight ideal! It is difficult sometimes.

    P.S. Also you can get used to feeling her ribs every day. You will get used to what is normal. On a young horse it's not a bad thing to be able to see them when she moves, but as she gets older even if you don't see them anymore you still want to feel them. You don't want to have to dig in with your fingers just to feel the ribs. That's too fat. :)


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