Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lesson Recap

Today I finally got back in the saddle of my lesson horse, Millie. It was great! I feel like I'm really riding so much better.  Key point: The horse must always be in front of your leg and carrying you. We did 3 loop serpentines, trot lengthenings, leg yields, shoulder-in, walk to canter transitions, the one loop counter canter (from first level), and a couple flying changes. I rode most of it pretty well. We had a few bobbles on our counter canter loop. I've never thought that was a very easy move and RC agreed with me that it can be tricky. However, after Millie broke twice in the same spot, I rode it a little more strongly and we did it nicely both directions.

Our shoulder-in was really easy and fun! A few years ago I would not have been able to ride that like I was able to today.  We did about a 10 meter circle in the corner before doing shoulder-in down the rail. I'm getting much better at getting my body in the right spot and it just flowed right along, in both directions. It's been nice for me to get back in the habit of doing some sitting trot also. It takes a lot of muscle! It also didn't help that it was in the upper 80's today. I'm not used to this heat!


  1. I'm really thinking of taking lessons on a trained horse for a while before I start hauling Chrome to them. I am in major need of a tune up! I'm glad you're enjoying your lessons.


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