Sunday, May 4, 2014

May Goals

April Goals Review

Things are heating up! Our first show is 3 weeks from today. 

1) I've got to practice hauling her tied. It's not something I've done yet, but I really do need to. For the show Emi will be loaded first and then we will head up the road to NDF to get Mystic. Tarra is going to help me with this on Monday. 

We did it! Tarra helped me practice and then the day before the show I hauled her up to NDF by herself (tied). Then she was hauled to and from the show like a big girl. There's no going back now!
2) The show! My goal is to have a positive first horse show with the little lady. I'm sure she's going to be a little bit freaked out but I think she will do well. Hopefully the judge will be able to tell we have been practicing! 

We had definite success on this one! She was awesome at the show and I'm sure the judge could tell we had practiced our trotting. She was worked up, but not unmanageable. 

May Goals

1) The main thing I need be working on is standing nicely, like she will need to at her next show. I need to get her halting square and standing with the right expression. I've kind of taken the last week off from really working with her but I need to get back in gear from here on out. Otherwise this is a pretty laid back month for us.  

On another note, I've decided I could really use a money tree. I occasionally look at horses for sale and I came across this one They just put up a new video and reduced his price. If I had $8500 to my name I'd totally go buy him (or at least try him). You only live once and have no guarantees on tomorrow...might as well enjoy today. If you are near Oregon and are looking for a Cob, you should go buy him! That way I can live vicariously through you. 


  1. That horse is gorgeous! I need a money tree too! Congrats on completing your goals. You're doing such a great job with Emi!


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