Thursday, June 26, 2014

Baby Steps

After a pretty relaxed ride on Monday, Tuesday was not so hot. Willow came in anxious and it just went down hill from there. By the time I was done riding her she had pooped 6 times in the arena, the last two being like cow pies. She's fine under saddle, no bucking, rearing, spooking etc, she's just very tense. Wednesday I opted to put her on the lunge line for her work out. She was actually pretty quiet and I didn't work her for too long since she was being good.

This morning she got her hooves trimmed and then I went back out after work to ride her. She trotted over to me when I went out to catch her. That's a first! She came quietly into the barn and stood nicely while I got her ready. I proceeded to hop on her from the mounting block at the barn, and we followed after Tarra and Mystic to walk around the hay fields. She doesn't like walking from the barn to the arena with me on her. I mean why work if you don't have to? I was able to kick her through it, and once I got her going forward she was fine.

It was her first time out in the hay fields and she was good. She gave a good look at the jumps set up out there, and she was a bit unsure of the shallow ditches we crossed. Beyond that she was fine. After walking around we went into the arena. We have had nicer work but it wasn't bad and she didn't poop at all. Once finished we went around the hay field one more time before returning to the barn. She seemed much happier tonight and I was glad to have a successful outing with her. Today marks two weeks that she has been with me. Hopefully things continue to get better and better. We are definitely heading in the right direction.


  1. So I really hate to be the one to say this, but have you tried either ulcer medication or something hormonal? It just seems so out of character for a cob to act like this and I want to see you having a good time.

    1. Yeah...I'm just not sure. My plan is to give her a month to settle in. If she doesn't improve I plan to send her home. That's the nice thing about leasing.

  2. You could try alfalfa to see if it's ulcers. I've heard it's really soothing for their stomachs and it's not horribly expensive if you get the chaff bales. I mix some in Chrome's feed although I have no reason to believe he needs it. He was acting crankier than normal early this spring and when I started feeding alfalfa he mellowed right back out into his normal self. It might help you see if she needs ulcer meds. It's worth a shot anyway. If it's hormones good luck with that... that's one reason I like geldings lol. I hope she's just still settling in and that she will be fine. :)

  3. Some horses take a really long time to settle in. My mare used to be great about leaving her home but has been settled for so long she was very anxious when I took her away last year. It took her weeks just to get back to normal.


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