Saturday, July 5, 2014

Blog Hop - Interested Parties

What made you interested in your current horse that lead you to buying them in the first place?

I figure most of you know Emi's story so I thought I'd share the story of Rozzy Ridge.

 Roz and I have a long history together. I first purchased him in July of 2003, as a project with my trainer and my best friend. At the time I had an injured horse, he was local, and we picked up up for $600. Since my trainer was in on the deal she gave us reduced price board, and helped us with him. He was basically the exact same horse he is now, with less education. He was cute but I was riding hunter/jumpers at the time and thought he wasn't big enough. He was also cranky so I didn't love that about him and found him a little hard to read. At the same time he was totally safe and was fun to ride. He had a big engine and very little whoa. My farrier at the time told me I should keep Roz and sell my injured horse. Of course I didn't take his advice. The family we sold him to had a connection with my grandparents and we kept in touch.

Fast forward two years, and my injured horse was just not a good match. I had sold her and was looking for my next horse. Roz's family was moving to Arizona and couldn't take him with them. I was interested but at that point he had gotten a nasty cut on his left hock and wasn't even sound. I took him on for a month to see if the injury would heal and then be able to try him. After a month at home I wasn't sold on him but I moved him to the boarding stable and started riding him. I told his owner I wasn't sure but that I'd help them sell him. I listed him for sale and continued to ride him in the mean time. At that point the barn owner told me I really needed to buy him as he was a very nice horse. I showed him to a couple of people and wasn't really thrilled with either of I bought him. :) We certainly didn't experience love at first sight but he grew on me, and I still have him all of these years later. I know we are blessed to have found each other and I'm thankful for all of the fun times we have had together.


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    1. Yes they do. I love it when it's a good surprise.

  2. What a great story! I had no idea how it all started with him. I'm glad he ended up with you. :D Also I LOVE those pictures of you two by the ocean.

    1. Forgot to click the notify me button. :)

    2. Thank you. He is a good story and a good boy.

  3. Aw, it was meant to be so it just worked out :)

  4. Love how ones that are ment to be come back :)

  5. It's surprising where life takes us! It's hard to believe Roz is still in our lives over 10 years after undertaking our little project!


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