Monday, July 7, 2014

July Goals

June Goal Review 

1) I really do need to work on her standing. That's a big goal for this month since her second show is a the end of the month. I just got a traditional white web halter to show her in and I also need to practice with her in that. 

This is a partial success. I did practice with her in the white web halter and she was better at the second show than at the first (as far as standing).  I did learn how someone else teaches this at the clinic this weekend and I have been practicing the past two night with her. She's already doing better and I plan to continue to work on it a few days a week. Its good for her to be learning patience. 

2) I need to clip her bridle path, and I'm sure she isn't going to love it. My plan is to work on it in another week or two as I don't want to have to do it twice prior to the show. 

This really wasn't very successful. I got a rough bridle path done but the baby pony does not like those darn clippers buzzing by her ears! 

July Goals

See above: Standing and clippers. I'd also like to get her up to NDF for a little ponying. That will be her July outing, and then August is horse show #3. 

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