Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Little Pony

I'm pretty sure Roz is tickled pink that his mom finally has her own "my little pony." He happily eats his hay while I torture groom, Emi. She happily eats hers too because she actually likes being groomed. I try to give Roz a quick brushing once or twice a week but it's not his favorite activity. It's so nice to finally have a horse that enjoys it! It's a nice way to keep a close eye on Emi and to do something with her that she really enjoys. Do your horses like or dislike grooming?


  1. Lance is mostly indifferent, with a few areas he doesn't like and one area he does.

    1. Oh yeah. Roz especially hates his belly being brushed.

  2. O loves to be groomed, she'll just go to sleep in the ties!

  3. Chrome loves to be groomed!! He will even fall asleep and he's so relaxed that he almost always drops.... Darn geldings lol.


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