Saturday, July 12, 2014

Road Trip!

Tarra and I returned Willow to her home today. I thought we had made some really good progress and she was being much better. I had a week left of her first month, and decided it was time to push her a little bit. Tarra and I hit the trails last Saturday evening and it did not go as well as I hoped. She road out from the barn pretty well and other than spooking at a big metal chicken, she seemed to be handling the outing well. We got about a mile and a half out from the barn before we started having trouble.

Willow decided she was done and she just stopped. I tried to get her going again but she really wanted to turn around and scoot back towards the barn. We were near a bit of a ledge and I wasn't sure what she was going to do so I hopped off. She was reluctant to go with me at first but once I got her moving well again I hopped back on. We made it about 10 more feet before she told me she wanted to go home.

At that point I knew that if I couldn't get her going while on her we weren't going to make it any further. We turned a couple of circles (because she kept trying to turn for home), and I got her facing down the trail but couldn't get her moving. Tarra had passed us by, thinking that following Mystic might help. Tarra then turned back around to grab a rein to see if she could literally lead her. Willow would have none of it and backed right off the trail into the ditch, while pulling away from Tarra. Again, I opted to hop off and I led her back to the barn.

I firmly believe that riding should be fun. These horses cost way to much money and take too much time and energy for you to not be enjoying yourself. So...we took her home today. That was an adventure in itself.

We left here around 9am and had about a three and a half hour drive. We got detoured around a HUGE quilt show (in a tiny town), and made it to Willow's house with out a problem. We saw some beautiful horses and had a nice visit before hitting the road. Tarra has had her dressage saddle for sale and had someone in the area that was interested and wanted to try it. It worked out that they lived around the bend from where Tarra's aunt and uncle used to live. The saddle fit and we sold it on our way through. We again detoured around the quilt show, stopped for lunch and then headed over the mountains to return home.

That was all fine and dandy until about 10 miles out of town the truck started lurching. I felt it once...then twice...and by the third time I was looking at Tarra to see if she was noticing it. I had just said I was going to keep driving when it got way worse.  I had Tarra trying to call my parents and I thought I should pull over. There was a big turn out on the other side of the road and we almost got in an accident getting over there. Once we got parked I talked to my dad. The check engine light wasn't on and we couldn't come up with any real reason for what was going on. I double checked the oil (it was fine), and he told us to continue on with it. The biggest problem is that there was a section of the road where we wouldn't have any cell service. We decided if they didn't hear from us in 2 hours they should come looking.

I honestly didn't think we'd get more than another mile down the road before old Black Betty left us stranded. As it turns out we did not have one more problem! I drove pretty slow to start out but the further we got with out trouble the more comfortable I got. We made it home with out issue and we are pretty sure there was something going on with the fuel. I will tell you...that's not an experience I want to repeat! Lucky for us it was on the way home, we didn't have a horse in the back, and we didn't end up stuck. We talked about making sure to bring extra water/hay for the horses any time we go, just in case we ever get stuck.
It was a lovely day for a drive


  1. I'm sorry Willow didn't work out, but I know there will be other opportunities for you to ride. So glad you got home safely and Tarra sold her saddle!

    1. Yes, I will figure something out...

  2. Too bad Willow didn't work out. It sounds like she was testing you! But you are right - these horses are an expensive hobby and why keep one that you don't have fun on?!

  3. Sorry to hear that Willow didn't work out but I agree riding should be fun, way too much money otherwise. Selling the saddle along the way worked out great, though.

  4. Stinks Willow didn't work out, but riding definitely needs to be fun!

  5. Yikes on the car troubles! I've had that happen before, but I don't remember what it was or what even happened lol. I'm glad you made it home. That's too bad that Willow didn't work out, but I totally agree with riding should be fun. I'm glad it was only a trial and you were able to take her home. Congrats to Tarra for selling her saddle! That's awesome!

  6. Oh no Alanna, I was driving back from the lake that day and thought I saw you... I should have stopped to check if it was really you stranded there with the trailer! I did notice it was empty so I didn't feel bad about any horses being stuck up in the pass. Not that I could have pulled the trailer for you since we were hauling with both rigs, but the guy I was with who is basically my second dad is a mechanic and could have helped. Glad to hear the truck cooperated after that though.


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