Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Best

The ponies got to go on a field trip today. I hauled them with me to work for Roz to get his teeth done and Emi to receive a vaccine booster. As it turned out, Emi started having loose stool/diarrhea on Wednesday morning, so I was happy to already have an appointment for her. I had dewormed her on Saturday and then Monday night I started giving her rice bran. I gave her probably 1/4 of a cup (max) which seemed like a very safe amount...thankfully she has been acting totally normal and it seemed to be resolved tonight. I'm hopeful that I will still be able to say that in the morning!

This morning I was a little bit unsure about hauling them together by myself, but I had a plan. I loaded Emi first and then went back in the barn to grab Roz. Emi took a couple taps with the whip to get in but Roz pretty much jumped in. We hit the road and got there with plenty of time. A tech grabbed Roz from me and I got Emi out. She jumped right out and I thought of the times when I couldn't get her out, not that long ago. Emi follow behind Roz and walked right in to the clinic and in to her stall. Apparently she was calling quite a bit and driving everyone crazy, even with Roz next door, so they ended up moving her outside. Roz got his teeth done and had pretty bad hooks. I was a little bit surprised since he had his teeth done just a little over a year ago. I'm glad they got him all fixed up, and he's otherwise good.

After work I rescued both ponies from their stalls and headed out to the trailer. I tied Roz to the trailer and loaded Emi. She hopped right in. Roz was next and he did the same. Once home I did the same thing, unloading Roz, tying him up, unloading Emi, grabbing Roz, and heading to the barn. I thought I was home free before I remembered that the tractor is parked in the barn isle so it's really not wide enough to safely take two horses through. I opted to throw Roz's rope over his neck and send him in front of us. My plan worked perfectly and both ponies were happy to be home.

It was so cool to have a really easy experience hauling them together with out assistance. It's nice that we are to the point were Emi has traveled enough for her to be very predictable and comfortable with loading/unloading, etc. I've got the best ponies!


  1. The rice bran can definitely cause the loose stool! I always add one tiny handful at a time to be careful. That's so awesome that they did so great with the loading and unloading!!! You've done such a great job with them!


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