Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lesson Time

I am so behind on my blogging! I've just been way too busy these last couple of weeks. Jessica is settling in well and I've been happy with her. We've been taking it fairly easy due to hot weather and her lack of fitness (not to mention my busy schedule). I have had a lesson scheduled with a new instructor (TG) for over a month. Initially I had planned to take Willow but once I took her home and got Jessie I figured I would just go ahead and take her. April is also taking lessons on her horse, Pants.

Jessie walked right in to the trailer and we were off...until we noticed that one of the trailer tires was low. We ended up stopping off at Les Schwab to get the tire aired up. The people in the front told us to go around the the back, the people in the back said to go back around to the front. 20+ minutes later we were back on the road. We arrived about 5 or 10 minutes prior to the start of our lesson. April's horse is 3 and I told her that Jessie and I would go ahead and go first since there wasn't going to be any time to spare. 

We opened up the trailer and Jessie was sweating so badly she had it dripping off of her. Yikes! I think it was combination of her sweating easily, stress, and the trailer being warm (especially since we had to stop and it was hot outside). Pants was totally dry so it couldn't have been that bad in there! I tied her to the trailer, tacked her up, and took her in to the ring. I led her around one time before hopping on. She was awesome! She went right to work and was very settled. I explained our story to TG and let her know that I didn't want to over do it. We ended up only walking and trotting but it was really good!

Jessie is really easy to move side to side but doesn't want to be very forward. I feel like part of it could be from her previous training. When I tried her, her owner made several comments about not letting her get too quick. I got the feeling that she rode her conservatively. I think that, combined with fitness could be part of what we are seeing. We worked on bending both to the inside and outside, getting her straight and then more forward. I need to work on always having her in front of my leg. Her evasion of choice is to move sideways. 

We worked several walk/trot/walk transitions. She wanted to really stiffen up in them. As we continued working we added the transition in on a circle after I had spiraled her in. She gave me a beautiful transition. Along with spiraling in and out we worked on leg yields from the centerline to the quarter line and then straight. My biggest issue is that she is happy to move over with out moving forward or she gets really sluggish.

Near the end of the lesson TG had me change directions trotting across the diagonal. Up until this point Jessie had been quite willing and everything we were doing had been well received. We came off the rail and I felt her suck back and start throwing her body around. I'm not exactly sure what the issue was but we spent a couple of diagonals turning circles and kicking her forward. Once we got "unstuck" we trotted a couple more before giving her a walk break. I put her on a loose rein and TG started in on April's lesson. 5 minutes later she had me pick her back up to see if we remembered how to trot diagonals.  No problems here! 

I got Jessie untacked, hosed off, and then we stood to watch April and Pants. She was totally happy to chill with me. Once they were done she walked right back in to the trailer and we were off. The screen on her window was open on the way up but I actually opened the drop down window to get more air in to her. She was still sweaty when we got home but not nearly as bad as the first time. 

Watching Pants
Windows open


  1. Excited to see where you go with her :)

    Sounds like a great lesson!

  2. Sounds like you two are figuring things out together! :)

  3. Eee, so fun! Glad you have this sweaty girl, haha

  4. What a solid girl. Glad you're having fun with her.

  5. Chrome sweats a lot in the trailer too. I mean seriously he makes a slick puddle under his feet... :\

    You look great on Jessie! Unfortunately I can't watch the video right now because my internet is being sloooooow! I will come back later and watch it. I saw enough of her trot to see how sucked back she is, but that's all. The good news is once she figures out forward everything will be a piece of cake! She seems like such a good girl! :D


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