Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Major Progress

With Emi's third show right around the corner, and my new found knowledge of how to properly turn a welsh cob out, I'm ready to go. Last night I pulled the clippers back out to start getting her trimmed up. My friend, April, is going to come help me on Monday, but I thought I'd see how far I can get with out assistance. As it turned out, between last night and tonight I got both her whiskers and her jawline trimmed with minimal fussing from her. I'd say that's a major break through! Now I need to do her bridle path and ears. Last time I just trimmed her long ear hair with scissors and I think I will most likely do that again. The bridle path was a major challenge last time and seems to be the place she protests the most. We'll see if it's any better this next time around.


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