Friday, August 22, 2014

Show #3

Today, baby girl went to her third (and final) show of the year. She was really good! We started the morning with a little bit of a discussion regarding loading, but things got much better from there. Once I had her in the trailer we went up to NDF to pick up Mystic. Emi stood quietly in the trailer while Tarra got her stuff loaded. Both horses hauled great and came off the trailer nicely. 

We couldn't find a stall chart in the barns so we headed over to the horse show office. The show was at the Oregon State Fair and it was already pretty busy when we got there. Emi was very brave and walked right along. Once we got things figured out it was back to the barns to put them in their stalls and get the trailer unloaded. 

Although afternoon classes started 30 minutes late they did a good job of keeping us posted on what was going on. I didn't want to have Emi out for too long since her attention span is fairly short.  Although we did have to wait a little bit, it wasn't bad. She came out calm and was well behaved while I walked her outside the ring. 

When we went in to the ring she trotted really well and I focused on running fast. I felt like I did a pretty good job, although I haven't looked at the video yet. In my opinion her trot work was good but she didn't stand super well. She got pretty jazzed up as the other horse (a foal with her dam) trotted around the ring. She placed second under both judges, which meant she got to go back for the championship class. 

Fancy girl!
She's growing up
 I debated whether I should take her back to her stall between classes but opted to keep her out. It ended up taking longer than I expected (doesn't it always). Although Emi was thinking she was done with me, she was still pretty good while we waited. When we went back in we got another chance to work on her standing and she did a lot better.

So shiny
At this point I was just happy to have her standing still...I had no idea she had a foot rested. 
She has such expressive eyes
She loaded great for the ride home and hauled quietly (with out Mystic). Rozzy Ridge was thrilled to see us when we got home and Emi was so happy to head out for a few hours on the pasture. Overall I felt really good about the day. I'm always so impressed with how reasonable Emi is. She saw a lot of new things today, let along traveling to a totally new place, and she was awesome. She's screaming a lot less, she's listening a lot better, and she's really growing up. I was also thrilled that the rope halter I made for her didn't break and worked well. Yah! Next up? A baby outing to Perrydale Trails, in September. We will be going with Tarra and Mylo, and then Alyssa and her yearling filly. 


  1. nice grooming - she looks great! glad you had fun

  2. She's growing into a beautiful young lady!

    1. Thank you. I definitely think so. It's amazing how much she has grown and changed in one year.

  3. She is so gorgeous! Congrats on a successful outing!

    P.S. I love how curly your hair is! :D


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