Saturday, August 30, 2014

Video - Oregon State Fair

I was a bit slow on this but here's the video of Emi at the State Fair. It's not super exciting but it's still nice to see how she looks. I thought her first trot was really nice. She was a bit sassy the 2nd time around. This was her first time ever being in that arena and I thought she was very brave about it. I'm also impressed with how well she is trotting with me since I haven't been practicing at all between shows. That's one skill she's got down! 


  1. You really have to motor to keep up with her trot already!! Such a pretty girl <3

  2. Yes! And she's not really even going that fast.

  3. such a cutie, and what sass lol. she's turned out nicely too!

  4. Wow, she is so good! I'm used to showing babies we pull out of a field for shows. You do such a great job handling her! Don't worry about sassy, they're supposed to "breathe fire" - at least in Wales. US shows tend to be a bit tamer, but I like them Wales-style. :)

    1. Thanks so much! I want to do her justice by turning her out and handling her well. I've been impressed with how easy she has been. :)

  5. You both did great! She was a bit bratty when she got all amped up, but that's common at that age. I love her trot! I think if she did the biggest trot she could there is no way you could keep up with her. I would have been gasping for breath after running around that arena lol.


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