Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tickled Pink

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Benny has continued his winning ways and I'm very pleased with him. He's catching on to my different style of riding and he's really enjoyable. We have so much to work on that I have to contain myself so that I don't over do it. That's not helpful for anyone! He had his first spook yesterday; it was just one little scoot forward. That's my kind of horse. It's been so awesome to get back into a regular riding routine.

Besides just getting to know him and feeling him out, we've been working on him being on the bit and willing to stretch. We are doing lots of work on transitions and introducing leg yields. He's already showing improvement and likes to stretch! His trot, canter, trot transitions are getting better. He was more accustomed to doing walk to canter and canter to walk so the first few down transitions we did he slammed on the brakes. Now he's giving me a nice transition to the trot. Trot to walk is also a work in progress (for the same reason). I've got to keep him going actively into the walk. I've also been throwing in some lunging in side reins. He's doing really well with that and it has been a good spot to practice those transitions. Hopefully I will get some riding video soon!


  1. He is just lovely! What a nice outline at the trot. Does this mean Roz is completely retired?

    If you ever want to make it a foursome on the beach, I know a couple of old ladies who would love to join you and Tarra if we can find a mutually acceptable date!

    1. Yes, Roz is officially retired.

      The beach would be fun! Benny has never gone but I think he will be just fine.

    2. Well, Lance has yet to go in the sea, but I still love riding on the beach. ;-)

  2. I don't think you've put up a picture yet in which his ears aren't totally forward, he just looks like such a happy and game little guy. I'm glad he's working out!

  3. he is just too stinkin cute - you guys look great together!

  4. He is so gorgeous!! I voted for you the day voting opened up and even had hubby and mom vote for you too. :D

  5. So glad things are going well with him!


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