Monday, October 20, 2014

Canby Tack Sale

Saturday morning I got up bright and early to head to the Canby Tack Sale. For those not in the area this is a huge 4-H tack sale where people or groups can purchase a booth to sell stuff. It's really big and took me over an hour and half to browse through it, and I didn't even look at everything! I had a list of some stuff I wanted to find for Benny. I didn't have a lot of success on my first pass. Part of the problem was that it was so crowded it was difficult to even get close enough in a booth to see if you wanted anything. 

On my second pass I finally found some of what I was looking for. I got a used Bobby's English Tack bridle for $25. 
Bridle with my browband and my reins
Next I found a high necked cooler for $15. I couldn't find a size on it by the seller told me it was "about" a 78. I tried it on this afternoon and it's a perfect fit! 

The last thing I found was a pair of composite stirrups. I've been wanting to try them and when I found a pair for $7 I couldn't resist. I've only ridden in them once but I like them so far. It's nice that they make my saddle a bit lighter. 


  1. Wow so jealous of your deal on the Bobby's bridle! Love all the pink too :)


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