Tuesday, October 14, 2014

HGBH What's in a Name

I couldn't resist joining in on this blog hop hosted by Hand Gallop. I find horse names so interesting! Part of my job includes seeing names of various horses. It's amazing how many times you can guess a horses breed just based on it's name.

What's the origin of your horse's show name and barn name?

Rozzy Ridge
Registered Thoroughbred
Slewdledo x Compagnie

I really have no idea how Roz's breeder came up with Rozzy Ridge but it is his Jockey Club name. I love it and that's what he was shown under. I usually just call him Roz although sometimes he's Rozzy, Rozzy Ridgems or Handsome Boy. One time he was at the vet and they asked where "Rozzy Ridge" was located, thinking it was an actual place. 

Winterlake Emerald
Registered Welsh Cob
North Forks Cardi x Stagecoach Chloe

I actually (sort of) got to name Emi. Her name automatically included "Winterlake" as that is her breeders prefix. Her breeder also names them alphabetically with each foal moving down the list. The foal born prior to Emi was Winterlake Drita and the one after is Winterlake Fabiano. We threw around lots of name ideas; Winterlake Evangelina, Winterlake Eleanor, Winterlake Elegance etc. Ultimately I came down to Winterlake Elegance or Winterlake Emerald and planned to use Ellie or Emi as a barn name. I decided I liked Emi better for a barn name and chose to go with Emerald. Part of the reason I liked Emerald was as a reference to Ireland as the "Emerald Isle." My grandparents on my dad's side immigrated from there and last year my whole family got to take a trip there. As far as nick names I call her Baby Cakes, Baby Girl, Baby Pony or Stinker Pony most often (when I'm not just calling her Emi). 

Ben Big N Rich
Registered Half Arab
HH Ben Muscat x Oregon Bar Bux

Benny's dad's name includes Ben so I assume that's where that part of it came from. I'm not sure about the rest. He was actually being called Cooper and although I like that name well enough, the barn owner at NDF has a dog named Cooper. I originally thought I'd just go ahead and call him Ben but I opted to use Benny instead. He hasn't been around long enough to have gained any other names. If I show him it will be under his registered name. 


  1. Your horses have such neat registered names! I wish I knew where Suzie's barn name and registered name came from!

  2. Your horses all have great registered and barn names! And Roz is totally gorgeous!

  3. Ah the naming game, glad to know we were not the only one to go back and forth over naming a baby.

  4. I love all of their names. Ever since I first started reading your blog and saw Rozzy Ridge I have loved it. :D I'm also glad you went with Emerald/Emi. I much prefer it over Ellie.

    1. Thanks! I love Rozzy Ridge too and agree on Emi. :)


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