Sunday, October 5, 2014

Review - Harwich Soft Leather Half Chaps

I normally ride in my tall boots but a couple months ago the zipper broke on one of them. Since then I've been riding in my old Riding Sport Suede Half Chaps from Dover. I've had them a long time and for the price I paid they held up for a long time! They were starting to come un-stitched at one spot and were also a little bit big for me. I had been eye balling the Harwich Soft Leather Half Chaps by Smartpak. A couple of my friends have them and both have been really happy with them.

Smartpak had a one day 20% off sale and I decided that was a good opportunity to replace my old ones.  I measured my leg and I was squarely between sizes. Since my previous half chaps were on the big side, and I know these will stretch I ordered a size down (medium tall). Out of the box I couldn't get them on and I was totally bummed. I was also in a hurry so I didn't really try that hard. Later that same day I looked them over again and saw that they had a nice big stretchy panel in them. After seeing that I attempted to put them on again. With a little work I got both of them on and actually liked the snug feeling.

I have ridden in them 3 times and so far I really like them. They are super soft and don't require any break-in (besides a little bit of stretching). The zipper seems very durable and they have snaps on the top and bottom. I think they will be an excellent alternative to always wearing my tall boots and/or as a back up when my tall boots are out of commission. I will have to report back after I've used them longer to let you know how they hold up.

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  1. Interesting! I'll have to look into them when my tredsteps give up the ghost. Keep us updated on how they hold up.


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