Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving to you all. I really enjoy this time of year and the Thanksgiving holiday. Many of us have SO much to be thankful for and I thought I'd write about some of the things I am thankful for (in no real order).

I'm so thankful for Emi and that she made it through her most recent ordeal. It's amazing to me how much I love her and I'm so happy to have her. I look forward to many more years with her. 

I'm thankful for the opportunity to have a riding horse while I wait for Emi to grown up. It's not only good for my riding skill but it's also good for me mentally. Benny has been a great fit and I'm so happy I found him. 

Of course I'm thankful for all of the wonderful years I've shared with Rozzy Ridge and that he's healthy and happy.

Beyond the horses though, I'm thankful for many other things. I'm thankful for a job that I enjoy. I'm thankful for a wonderful supportive family. Each day is a gift and I'm so thankful I'm healthy and cancer free.
Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have a blessed day. 


  1. So glad Emi is back to normal :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Definitely a lot to be thankful for! This is my favorite holiday too. Happy Thanksgiving! :D

  3. happy thanksgiving to you and your lovely bay crew :)

  4. Great photos! Happy Thanksgiving to you!


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