Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mountain Trail

Yesterday Benny got to go on a field trip to the Oregon Horse Center. Every year during November they put in a crazy trail course for a competition and then schooling. Benny and his two half arab pals got an afternoon scoping it out. I thought that Benny would probably be pretty amped up and snorty about the whole thing. However, he exceeded my expectations and was a super boy!

He came off the trailer quietly and stood nicely while I got him ready to go. I started the course with him in his halter just following me around. He followed willingly behind me and navigated through logs, over rocks, ups and down hills, through ditches etc. Once I hopped on him I thought he might not be as brave but he was still quite good. The pictures are not fantastic but they give you an idea of what we did. It was a great outing and I'm looking forward to doing more with him.

On the Emi front, she is still in the hospital. When we arrived to see her tonight this is how we found her. 

I went in and petted her for a few minutes but she didn't get up and didn't really seem to care that I was there.  I decided we should track down the doctor to get the scoop on what has been going on with her through out the afternoon. After walking away we heard Emi whinny and when we got back to her stall a couple of minutes later she was up and seemed to be watching for us. Too cute!

She did well over night but this morning her temperature started to rise. Her top temp was 103.7. They started her back on banamine and when they took her temp tonight it was 99.7. They rechecked a CBC and belly tap to make sure they weren't missing anything. Her white blood cell count is decreasing but it's still in an acceptable range. She did drink a whole bucket of water and we left her happily eating part of a flake of hay. She won't be coming home tomorrow but maybe Tuesday if her fever stays away. 

Below: The many faces of a bored baby. 



  1. The mountain trail is super cool! I hope Emmi continues to improve.

  2. That trail course is so cool!! I hope she continues to feel better!

  3. That Mountain Trail course is EPIC! I wish we had something like that around here to play around on!

    I am glad Emmi is doing better, I hope she continues to progress and can come home as good as new!

  4. Poor Emi. Hopefully she can come home soon.

  5. that looks like soooo much fun with Benny! i definitely would love to try something like that with isabel!

    and so sorry that Emi is still not really 100%. hopefully she keeps improving, even if the progress is slow

  6. I was scared to read your previous post about Emi and was so glad that she was doing better. It's great to continue to see her improve and I've got my fingers crossed that she'll be home with you soone!

  7. I love Emi's cute nose! I've never noticed the markings on her bottom lip. How adorable! I hope her fever stays down and that she gets to go home. Poor baby.

    I've seen that mountain trail thing on another blog or somewhere and it is soooo cool! I wish we had something like that around here. Benny did so awesome. Such a good boy!


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