Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Never a Dull Moment

Apparently there is never a dull moment around here. I found out today that Emi was most likely exposed to equine influenza during her stay at the veterinary hospital. Although she is vaccinated this may have contributed to the fevers she had. I have also noticed her coughing a couple of times since she returned home. She is being tested although she's right on the edge of it being long enough that the test may not detect it (even if she did have it). I'm also going to test Roz. He has not cleaned up his grain either this morning or tonight which is a bit unusual. He's eating hay (and most of his grain) and his temperature is normal. I'll continue to monitor both of them and it will be interesting to see what the test results are. Luckily I didn't have any big plans for either of them and they are not in contact with any other horses. Now I just need to be diligent to not share the cooties at NDF, where Benny lives.

ETA: Both horses tested negative. Yah!

Tonight after fussing over Roz and Emi I headed up to NDF for a ride on Benny. He was so relaxed while I brushed him and got him ready. Most of the time I just leave him loose in his stall while I get him ready. He always stands quietly but normally has his head up and is a bit tense. Tonight he had a hoof rested, his head down, and a very relaxed expression the whole time I got him ready. I think he's beginning to trust me! We rode alone which I'm discovering is not his favorite thing. When he's alone at night he wants to be a little looky and tense on the open side of the arena. I just ignored him and gave him other stuff to think about. He ended up settling in to his work really well and he had some lovely moments.


  1. Ugh, horses give me ulcers sometimes, lol! I hope everything turns out okay.

    PS: I love that last picture, such a cute pony face.

  2. Awwwwww Benny is so flipping cute. Why do you have so many cute horses??

    1. Going to have to agree with the bandit here. Just the cutest faces ever!

  3. aw, hope Roz and Emi are fine!

  4. I'm glad they are negative and I hope they are both cleaning up their food and feeling better! Benny is such a sweetie. :)


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