Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Two Steps Forward....

And one step back, or so it seems. I was excited to hear more information on Emi today and pin down a date for her to come home. They ran another CBC this morning and although her WBC count has gone up her neutrophils are really low and they didn't see any bands (immature neutrophils). She also had another temp of 102.4 last night, so they administered more banamine. At this point they really aren't sure what's going on. She has salmonella cultures pending and I think we should have results on the first one tomorrow. She continues to eat well and seems happy. I got to see her this afternoon but she was actually more interested in eating than visiting. At this point we are stuck playing the waiting game. Either she will improve in the next couple of days and be able to be sent home or she will decline and then we will have to figure out what additional testing can be done to pin point the cause of her problems.

As for the other two; Roz is doing well and Benny is great. The weather finally changed back to our usual rain and slightly warmer temperatures. Benny and I had a super ride tonight. Things are really starting to click for him and he worked well for me. We did quite a bit of leg yielding work today and had a few that were pretty nice. I'm really enjoying his good personality and willingness to work. Plus he's just cute! :)
Getting ready to walk over to the arena.
Tucked in for the night


  1. Hugs to Emi!!

    Glad that boys are behaving and keeping you happy at home, you have more then enough on your plate!

  2. You do seem to have a knack for collecting cute bay ponies!

  3. I don't comment often, but I've been following along and I'm still sending positive vibes for Miss Emi. I hope things are on the up and up soon. Hugs to you.

  4. I'm just catching up on the news about Emi. Fingers crossed they can figure out what's been going on! What a weird thing!

    1. No kidding. I'm hopeful it will all resolve soon.

  5. Oh no. I was really hoping for some good news!! I am hoping things improve for Emi!

  6. Praying for Emi! I'm glad she seems alert and happy. That has to be a good sign right? *hugs*

  7. Aw, sorry to hear Emi is still not feeling well. :(

  8. I heard of quite a few horses get a weird bug this year. Started off colicky. Then high fevers and listless. Everyone came out fine that I know of. Thinking is you and your cute girl.

  9. oh Emi - poor thing! glad Benny is there to keep your spirits up! hard to be sad around a horse that cute :)


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