Monday, December 29, 2014

A Look Back at 2014


January was pretty low key. I was hauled Roz up to NDF to ride and practiced trailer loading (and unloading) with Emi.


We had our second big snow storm for the winter and I got to take some fun snow photos. I continued to ride Roz and Emi went on her monthly outing to NDF for some ponying and in hand practice, with the help of Tarra and Mystic.


Rozzy Ridge turned 22. I continued to ride him, although at the very end of the month he came up lame in the middle of a ride. Emi headed up to NDF for more in hand work to be ready for her first horse show. Spring was coming and we had some really nice weather. I was also 1 year post chemo. I love March!


More ponying practice for Miss Emi by Tarra and Mystic. Emi also went on her first tied up trailer ride. Things went smoothly which made me more comfortable for tying her when we traveled to her horse show. Emi got to have a sleep over at NDF and her first bath in their wash rack (with warm water) and her first time wearing a blanket. We also attended our first welsh breed show which wasn't really what I was expecting but all things considered Emi was pretty good.


We went on a fun beach trip with Roz and Mystic but the weather ended up being super duper windy. It was definitely the worst I've seen it over there and we really didn't ride much. Roz went to school for their lameness course and was determined to be 4/5 lame due to navicular. He became officially retired with that diagnosis. Emi got to go cross country schooling with Tarra & Mystic and Alyssa & Lola. She loaded easily in a big strange trailer and handled the outing very well!


Emi turned 1! With Roz being out of the riding picture I was looking for a horse to lease and I picked up Willow. I spent the month trying to figure out what made her tick. Some days were good, some...not so good. Emi went to her second show and improved in her behavior from the first one. We also had a fun photo shoot.


I hauled both ponies to work by myself and everything went smoothly. I got to attend a little "clinic" on how to turn your welsh out for a show. It was super fun to meet fellow welsh owners and to get input on how they should be presented at a show. After a terrible trail ride with Willow I returned her and picked up Jessica.


I made a white rope halter to show Emi in. She went to her third (and final) show of the year at the State Fair. She handled the traveling and atmosphere really well. What a star! Jessica returned home and I was torn trying to decide what to do on the riding horse front. I also celebrated 2 years since being diagnosed with breast cancer.


We were heading in to fall but Emi had one more big outing. She went to Perrydale trails with Tarra & Mylo and Alyssa & Jolene. All three babies were super and we had fun. 


This was a busy month. I was involved in a breast cancer fundraising effort called Puttin' on the Pink. I also bought Benny this month and got back in to the swing of regular riding! It felt so good.


I had lots of great rides on Benny and an awesome outing to the Mountain Trail course at the Oregon Horse Center. In the middle of all of this Emi colicked and spent a week in the hospital....not an experience I want to repeat anytime soon!


This brings us up to the present. Lots of good rides on Benny; a fun Christmas party, trail rides, bareback rides, and just generally enjoying him. Emi turned 18 months old and got to go her first outing since her hospital trip. I attempted ponying her from Benny and although it wasn't perfect it's doable. 

It's been a crazy year with some ups and downs (as usual). Looking back I can see how much progress Emi has made in the last year and I'm looking forward to seeing how she develops in the next one. I also can't wait to see where Benny takes me and how things progress with him. I'm so blessed to have found him and I'm really enjoying having a nice horse to ride again. Bring on the adventures of 2015!


  1. Wow that paint has one heck of a mane!!! Sounds like a good year hope 2015 is just as good if not better! :)

    1. That's Mystic. He's a Gypsy Vanner. His mom blogs here

  2. nice recap! it seems like everything has clicked so well with Benny - what a super addition to the herd :) definitely looking forward to 2015!!!!

    1. Yes, Benny was a great addition. 2015 is going to be great!

  3. Nice to read a recap, because a ton happened this year! I have enjoyed watching Emi grow and flourish.

  4. Emi really grew a lot this year! It's fun seeing a year end recap for a baby. Happy New Year!

  5. Besides Emi's hospital stay you had a fantastic year!! I'm so glad she's okay. That was really scary. I'm glad you found Benny too. He's awesome! Happy New Year!!


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