Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Party

Today was our barn Christmas party. We decorated horses, had mounted games and then snacks afterwards. We had ribbons, streamers, hats, blankets, and jingle bells; proving that we have a barn full of tolerant horses. Someone joked that we may have the first annual NDF rodeo, but we didn't have any trouble. 

For games we did the dollar bill race, egg and spoon, and the toilet paper game. Benny was really good, although he was not a fan of the toilet paper. He did okay walking with it but when we started trotting with our partner Benny decided he didn't really like it chasing him. We won best decorated and got a tub of Nicker Makers for our efforts. It's so awesome to be part of such a nice small barn. 

Christmas Benny
Most of the group


  1. They are all so slick! Do you all body clip, or blanket from head to toe?

    1. Most of them are body clipped, although the bay on the left and Benny just don't grow a lot of hair.

  2. You deserved the best dressed! Well done. :-) I love the polos.

  3. You guys are SO cute!!!! I love all of your decorations!

  4. That sounds like so much fun! I love his decorations.

  5. what a fun group! Benny is adorable, as usual :)


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