Monday, December 29, 2014

Super Pony & Stinker Pony

When I arrived at the barn last night a fellow boarder had left a note asking if anyone was interested in a Boxing Day hack. I messaged her when I got home to let her know that I'd like to go. When I got to the barn this morning there ended up being 4 of us going out. We had a really nice ride; the weather was good and Benny was great.

Then in the afternoon I hauled Emi out for some work. She's been a bit neglected, with her last field trip being to Perrydale Trails in September. I can't believe it had been that long! I had plans to take her to the Mountain Trail course in Eugene but she colicked the night before she was supposed to go. Between her week stay at the hospital, lots of rain, and short days, she has been on the back burner. 

She hopped right into the trailer like a professional. When we got to the barn I let her play in the arena for a while and then we practiced some work in hand. 

I think she is looking really good for 18 months old. She ran around like a crazy girl for about 5 minutes and then she was done. She spent a little time hanging out Benny's stall while I went out to catch him. Once I got him in the barn I remembered that I wanted to practice trailer loading with him since it seems to be a weak point for him. He wasn't thrilled but I was patient with him and he loaded twice with minimal trouble.

After I had him ready to ride I took them both over to the arena to see if Benny would pony her for me. I thought he might be pretty snarky with her as he doesn't really love being crowded by other horses. She bumped in to him several times with out issue. He was not crabby with her at all but was unsure about having her crowd him. She can be a bit of a spitfire and was trying to run the show. Between giving instructions to Benny and keeping Emi in line, it was a challenge. 

Both horses were just settling in to their new rolls when they go startled and spooked. Emi started running circles around Benny and Benny was spinning around in the center of the circle. I ended up hopping off when Benny quit moving. In hind sight I think that I should have just kicked Benny forward. I think if I'd have gotten him going again Emi would have fallen in line and we would have been fine. As it was I petted them both, took them back over to the mounting block, and got back on with out further incident. It will only get better with continued practice. Once we start going out on the trails it may be easier since there will be other things for them both to look at. 

Stinker pony poses with super pony.


  1. love those pics of Emi running around at liberty - she's so curious about everything! and yea, sounds like a real handful ponying her, but Benny is such a star he'll figure it out :)

    1. Yes, she is very curious and a little bossy. :)

  2. She is sooooo pretty!!!!! I'm glad you were able to sort them out during the ponying. :)

    1. Thank you. I think she's pretty too. :)


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