Saturday, December 13, 2014

Trail Pony

Benny and I went on our first real trail ride together this morning. We've gone down the road to the trail head once and around the neighborhood a couple of times and he has always been good. Today was no exception. He was super good and it was a lovely morning to go. We had a pretty big storm a few days ago so there was a lot of debris on the trail. Benny picked his way through it and was happy to lead or follow. On our way home he got hung up in a tree branch and it snapped between his legs. He made one big jump, planted his feet and assessed the situation. What a great brain he has!

An obstacle in the road is no problem for this boy

Just another reason I love NDF. So pretty! 


  1. Benny just gets more and more impressive! I think he was saved just for you; I'm glad you didn't "settle" for any of the previous ones you tried out. That garland at the barn is incredible; more festive than my house!

  2. Beautiful trails, and good Benny!

  3. Benny is such a sweetie. Glad you're having fun with him.

  4. looks like a perfect day for the trails!

  5. He's such a good boy! I'm glad you had such a great trail ride. I love that third picture! The way the sun is shining through is just awesome. :)


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