Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Sunshine

Although there isn't really evidence of sun in these photos, the past week we've been having wonderful weather. It's been spring like and I'm loving it! The rain is supposed to return tomorrow but we enjoyed one last dry day today. 

To add to the spring like feel...we have lambs!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Blog Hop: Tack Sale

What I have to sell:

Bates Isabell dressage saddle.17.5inches, easy change gullet system, & CAIR. This saddle is in good used condition. The overgirth strap has been cut off. Billets are in good shape. Some normal wear on the flap with the stitching being worn (shown in the photos). $750 OBO Open to trades for a Passier Grand Gilbert. Will include a narrow and a medium-wide gullet plate. 

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sunny Saturday

Life has been so busy lately I haven't had time to blog! Today was a gorgeous sunny day. It was fairly warm and was perfect weather for trail riding and cleaning up muddy ponies.

I had taken Benny on a trail ride on Monday and he'd been more lookey than normal. We did some trotting out their for the first time and he felt uneven behind. I do think he's a bit weak behind so I wasn't sure if that's what I was feeling or if the gravel was hard on him. I decided that the next time I took him out I'd try using Roz's hoof boots on his hind feet.

I woke up today with a note on facebook from a fellow border to see if anyone wanted to go on a trail ride. I outfitted Benny in all 4 hoof boots and his new dressage saddle, and off we went. He was so good! We did most of the ride on the buckle. He felt better in the spots where we trotted and I was happy to feel that. He still felt different to me when I changed posting diagonals and that's something I don't feel in the arena. I do think the hind boots helped and I think that the funky feeling is probably a mix of the gravel and his conditioning. I'm so thankful to have found this good boy. He's a doll!

Later in the day I pulled Emi out for some grooming and a chance to wash her legs/socks. After cleaning her up I had to take a few photos. She's currently 19 months old.

Rozzy Ridge also got his legs and tail washed. He's just wallows in the mud! I cleaned him up this morning (minus his legs and tail) but by the time I got home he had already rolled again. It's a full time job even attempting to keep him clean! 

Yes, he's really that cute. How can you be mad about the mud when he looks at you like that? And just in case you are wondering...yes, he did roll immediately when I put him back. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Super Pony & Stinker Pony (Round 2)

Miss Emi got to take her monthly field trip to NDF today. It was fun to get her out and about despite some nasty weather. She hauled nicely up to the barn. When we got into the arena she was acting a bit crazy because she knew I was going to let her go. I made her walk a lap around (and behave) before I let her go. You can see a short clip of her playing in the arena on her Facebook page.  
Sporting a cute running braid, which she promptly shook out when let go in the arena
She only played for 5 or 10 minutes before she was done. I caught her and we practiced her manners in hand. We walked, trotted, halted, backed, and I asked her to move her shoulders away from me (haunch turnish).  She's learning whoa and halting nicely from my voice. Then when I'd turn around, walk towards her and tell her to back, she backed nicely with no pressure from the lead or me touching her. With her working well in hand we exited the arena to go get Benny. As we headed back over to the barn I got the idea to practice some water crossing with her. We played across a small ditch in a nearby field and then stomped through all of the puddles in the parking lot. We got soaked!
Pony torture on a terribly wet day!

Once I got Benny ready we went back over to the arena. April was there to help from the ground but  we didn't end up requiring any assistance.  I had the chain on Emi which made her much more responsive. Benny was more relaxed today than the previous time. We had one spook (from Emi) but I reacted much more quickly and immediately pushed Benny forward, like I should have done last time. It worked great and I got them straightened right out. It's certainly not Benny's favorite activity but he can do it. I have to be sure to ride proactively and I know things will continue to get easier as we work on it.  Next time I take Emi up I hope we can head outside for a little practice. Summer trail riding should be an adventure! 

Pardon the wet pony...we had just been out playing in the puddles. 

  Emi and I tell Benny he's a good boy. Benny says, this is stupid.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Time at Home

Saturday morning I tied Emi up and then snagged Roz when he finished eating his grain. He loves being muddy but since it has been relatively dry here the past week I figured it would be a great time to knock the mud off. He cleaned up well and actually seemed to enjoy his time being groomed. His weight is still looking really good which is a great sign mid winter. After I let him go he posed nicely for me to take a few more photos. 

Sunday afternoon, when I returned home from the barn, I wanted to wash Emi's dirty tail. I started off with just a bucket of water but quickly realized that wasn't going to do the trick. I pulled her out of her paddock and tied her to the trailer. She got the cold hose treatment on her hind legs and tail. While I washed she played with the shampoo bottle and with the end of her lead rope. I was struck by the fact that a year ago I wouldn't have been able do this that easily. My baby is growing up! 

Clinic Report

Benny and I were the first ride of the day...
The fresh arena, ready to go. 
 He was fantastic! We learned a lot. The two things I said I wanted to work on were a better connection in the bridle and also his canter work. I'll let the video speak for itself since I'm not great at re-writing what she said. I will say that his canter work was by far the best we have ever done. So proud if this boy! He's super. We have another clinic scheduled for May 16th & 17th. That gives us plenty of time to use our new tools and continue to progress.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


A last minute turn of events has presented the opportunity to ride in a clinic with Jessica Wisdom this weekend. For those of you who don't know her, she's the trainer/rider/owner of Cardi! I'm so excited to ride with her and am also looking forward to my first lesson on Benny. We have a lot to get ready in the next couple of days. I clipped Benny's whiskers and bridle path last night. I also pulled out my white pad and polo wraps. Tack cleaning will happen on Saturday along with cleaning Benny up. I can't wait!