Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sunny Saturday

Life has been so busy lately I haven't had time to blog! Today was a gorgeous sunny day. It was fairly warm and was perfect weather for trail riding and cleaning up muddy ponies.

I had taken Benny on a trail ride on Monday and he'd been more lookey than normal. We did some trotting out their for the first time and he felt uneven behind. I do think he's a bit weak behind so I wasn't sure if that's what I was feeling or if the gravel was hard on him. I decided that the next time I took him out I'd try using Roz's hoof boots on his hind feet.

I woke up today with a note on facebook from a fellow border to see if anyone wanted to go on a trail ride. I outfitted Benny in all 4 hoof boots and his new dressage saddle, and off we went. He was so good! We did most of the ride on the buckle. He felt better in the spots where we trotted and I was happy to feel that. He still felt different to me when I changed posting diagonals and that's something I don't feel in the arena. I do think the hind boots helped and I think that the funky feeling is probably a mix of the gravel and his conditioning. I'm so thankful to have found this good boy. He's a doll!

Later in the day I pulled Emi out for some grooming and a chance to wash her legs/socks. After cleaning her up I had to take a few photos. She's currently 19 months old.

Rozzy Ridge also got his legs and tail washed. He's just wallows in the mud! I cleaned him up this morning (minus his legs and tail) but by the time I got home he had already rolled again. It's a full time job even attempting to keep him clean! 

Yes, he's really that cute. How can you be mad about the mud when he looks at you like that? And just in case you are wondering...yes, he did roll immediately when I put him back. 


  1. aw Roz's expression is so sweet! (even if he is a muddy beast lol)

  2. Your horses are all so pretty and OMG what a tail on Ms Emi. She's going to be a looker.

    1. Thank you. Emi does have a gorgeous tail. She's my first horse with a super awesome tail.

  3. Rozzie says he's in retirement now and should be allowed be as dirty as he wants! Lol

  4. They all look fantastic!! I'm glad you're getting nice weather to trail ride. Sure does help keep us sane in the winter lol. I can't believe Emi is nineteen months old! Time sure flies! Before you know it she'll be three and you'll get to have that long awaited first ride. :-)


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