Monday, January 12, 2015

Time at Home

Saturday morning I tied Emi up and then snagged Roz when he finished eating his grain. He loves being muddy but since it has been relatively dry here the past week I figured it would be a great time to knock the mud off. He cleaned up well and actually seemed to enjoy his time being groomed. His weight is still looking really good which is a great sign mid winter. After I let him go he posed nicely for me to take a few more photos. 

Sunday afternoon, when I returned home from the barn, I wanted to wash Emi's dirty tail. I started off with just a bucket of water but quickly realized that wasn't going to do the trick. I pulled her out of her paddock and tied her to the trailer. She got the cold hose treatment on her hind legs and tail. While I washed she played with the shampoo bottle and with the end of her lead rope. I was struck by the fact that a year ago I wouldn't have been able do this that easily. My baby is growing up! 


  1. Something about washing tails is so satisfying!

  2. Aww Emi is growing up!!! Also Roz is a total hunk. I'm glad he's holding his weight so well this year. :D


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