Saturday, February 28, 2015

Found One

I finally found a halter that fits Liam! How cute is that!?


I just happened upon a "mini horse" rope halter today when I was picking up grain. I looked it over and thought that it might work. Sure enough, it's a perfect fit. I pulled him out and took him down to to get the mail with me. We also tried on a friends little western saddle. The saddle didn't fit well and wanted to ride up over his shoulders however, he didn't care about it so that was cool. Then on our way back by the house I decided to see if he'd climb stairs. He followed me right up (and back down). 

Looking at the "other" donkey in the glass
Results from the horse show today. A full report to come tomorrow. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


It's that time of year! I know some people who love it when their horse sheds and some who hate it. Personally I love it! It makes grooming so much more satisfying and I love unearthing a beautiful horse from all of that hair. Roz started shedding quite a bit in the last couple of weeks and Emi and Benny are finally getting in on the action too. I can't wait to see how gorgeous all three of them will be when they are sleek with their summer coats. I've also found a new great shedding tool, that I hadn't ever used before last fall. It's a grooming block.  They work great and even Roz, with his thin thoroughbred skin, tolerates it well.  I also love my petite jelly scrubber (way better than the larger size), and the epona shedding flower.

How about you? Are your horses shedding? Love it or hate it? What's your favorite grooming tool for hair removal?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Almost There

Four more rides until our first show of the season. It has come up so fast! Benny has been doing well and we continue to polish our work. I ran through my first test (training level test 1) on Friday night and definitely saw a few places that needed work. I learned my second test (training level test 2) yesterday and I rode it today. It rides pretty nicely and I think both tests are well with in our capabilities. I've only hauled Benny out one time since I bought him so it will be interesting to see how he does and that's a big variable in Saturday's show. I suspect he'll be good but you just never know. Either way, we've got to start somewhere and we might as well get a baseline and know what we need to work on.

Trail ride last Sunday
Gorgeous sunset 
The weather has been nice for about two weeks now and the horses have been going out almost every day. The grass is growing and the mud is drying up. Spring is coming for sure! 

A happy Rozzy Ridge visiting with Liam
Today after I finished with Benny I spent some time with Emi and Roz. They both got cleaned up and Emi spent some time being tied. She was super good and ended up taking a little nap while I worked on Roz. 

Of course once we were done with that we had to get a few pictures together. She's a total ham!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


After a ridiculous amount of rain the sun has come out and it has been gorgeous around here. I took some photos over the weekend and wanted to share them. It's starting to feel like spring!

This little fella was squished inside his momma and came out with contracted tendons. We are hoping they improve with the help of his splints. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Liam the Donkey

I got a donkey! Well actually...he's technically my dad's donkey. I've wanted a mini-donkey for a long time. While we were in Ireland my dad said he'd get a mini donkey when my nephew (who was only about 4 months at the time) asked for a donkey. We've all be coaching, Finley, and my mom got him to say "I want a donkey, Papa" on Christmas. 

Then this adorable little guy was hanging out at work being used for one of the classes. When they were done with him he was going to go back to the person who brought him in or he was for sale for $100. I had seen him several times and the people who were working with him said he was a super boy. Long story short, my dad said okay to getting him and I brought him home on Tuesday. 

This donkey is so darn cute. The horses were quite interested when he arrived and Roz was simply enamored. Roz hardly left the fence line for the first 3 or 4 days that he was here. Liam is as sweet as can be and very social. He brays when you come outside and loves to be petted. I'm having trouble finding a halter that fits him since he has an unusually shaped head. I've finally figured out that if I punch some extra holes in the crown piece of one of Emi's baby leather halters it will fit him perfectly. 

Last night I improvised with with Emi's (current) halter and I took Liam down to check the mail. He was perfect! We are having an "open farm" a the end of March for people who want to bring their kids out to see the lambs and such. Liam is going to be a hit for sure!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blog Hop: A Day in the Life

Tracy at Fly on Over asked what a day in our life looks like. I couldn't resist chiming in on this blog hop. It's interesting to see the schedule that others keep.

4:45am Alarm goes off (press snooze)

5:00am Grab my phone and check email, surf Facebook (aka try to wake up).

5:15am Get up and head outside to take care of Roz, Emi, our dogs, let the sheep out etc.

6:00am In from chores and hop in to the shower.

6:15am Out of the shower, make/pack my lunch & eat breakfast

7am Leave for work

7:30am Start work

10am Snack time!

12pm Lunch time!

3pm Snack time!

5pm Head home

5:30 Hit the exercise bike or rowing machine *I try to work out 3 days a week. On the nights I don't work out I normally spend extra time with Emi and Roz.

6pm Outside to take care of Roz and Emi

6:30pm Dinner

7pm Leave for NDF

7:15pm Arrive at NDF and start cleaning Benny up

7:45pm Ride

8:30pm Finish riding

8:45pm Feed grain to the horse at NDF

9pm Head for home to check Facebook, blog, decompress...

10pm Time for bed so that I can do it all over again tomorrow

What does your normal day look like?


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Sunday, February 8, 2015

More Practice

Have I mentioned lately that my horses is awesome? He really is! We jumped again today and he was super good. We did a lot of trotting & cantering single poles and trotted lots of crossrails. Near the end we also cantered over some fences. I've mentioned this before, but the canter is Benny's worst gait. It's steadily improving and today we had some really nice moments. So far (only 2 days in), he's being really good about jumping, not rushing or being naughty after the fence. Roz always rushed and I've had a couple of others who liked to buck after fences. I'd be thrilled if Benny never develops these issues (and I don't think he will). My goal is to be able to take him to a one day horse trial in the spring, competing at intro. It's nice to break up our dressage work and I'm always a fan of cross training. It's been way too long since I've had a jumping horse. I'm excited!

Braided his mane to practice for our horse show in a couple weeks. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Too Cute

Like any mother, I think I have some of the cutest horses. First up, check out this photo of Emi. I love her unenthused expression and her frizzy forelock (aka bridle path grow out). She was playing away with her grain bucket, which hooks over the gate. All of the sudden I heard it plop into the water bucket. She then stood around looking bummed that she could no longer play with her toy. Oops.

Then Benny got a fancy new bridle on Sunday. Doesn't he look so handsome in it? 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Start

One of my plans has been to start jumping Benny. Before I purchased him he was jumped once by an eventing trainer who trains out of the barn he was at. She commented that he figured it out quickly. I have done some trot and canter poles a couple of times since getting him but I haven't pursued it much more than that. I'd like to have him jumping at least well enough to do intro at a combined test or one day horse trial this spring/summer. With that in mind I knew I needed to get going on it. So... tonight we jumped our first cross rail! It was actually teeny tiny so more accurately we "trotted" our first cross rail. Obviously there's no way to tell if he has actual jumping talent but he's willing! You've got to start somewhere and I'd say tonight was a great place. Now I just need to make a point of "jumping" once a week. We don't leave jumps up in our arena so it's a hassle to set fences and take them down, but it is nice to have some variety in our rides and I always enjoy it once I take the time to do it. Tarra and I tag teamed it tonight, she set them and I took them down and that worked out well.

Love this boy!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Learning Patience

I think I shared this already, but over the last month I've been making a bigger effort to tie Emi more frequently. I don't do it every day but I'm shooting for 3 days a week. She gets a lot less grain than Roz so she finishes more quickly than he does. Once she's done I tie her up in the corner of the stall and go about my normal chores (cleaning up, filling hay nets, water etc.) I'll tie Roz when he's done with his grain, groom him, and then move to her.  She ties well in the sense that she doesn't challenge being tied, but she is not patient at all. She moves all around; looking one way and then the other. She will also paws, chew on the tie, and generally express her displeasure. I typically ignore her (unless she's being really obnoxious). Tonight she started off the same way as normal but she wasn't very far in to her time when I started noticing that she was spending more and more time standing like the photo below, and less and less time fussing. I think she's getting it!
 Tying=Pony Torture
Roz is very helpful because he stands quietly tied (although I do let him snack most nights)
Emi is approaching 20 months old. When she first came home I was trying to find a balance between not doing enough and/or asking too much. I'm formulating my plan for the next year and want to see what things I might not have thought of.  I'm curious what you would expect a 20 month old to do if you went to look at one? 

The happy girl when she was finally free