Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Start

One of my plans has been to start jumping Benny. Before I purchased him he was jumped once by an eventing trainer who trains out of the barn he was at. She commented that he figured it out quickly. I have done some trot and canter poles a couple of times since getting him but I haven't pursued it much more than that. I'd like to have him jumping at least well enough to do intro at a combined test or one day horse trial this spring/summer. With that in mind I knew I needed to get going on it. So... tonight we jumped our first cross rail! It was actually teeny tiny so more accurately we "trotted" our first cross rail. Obviously there's no way to tell if he has actual jumping talent but he's willing! You've got to start somewhere and I'd say tonight was a great place. Now I just need to make a point of "jumping" once a week. We don't leave jumps up in our arena so it's a hassle to set fences and take them down, but it is nice to have some variety in our rides and I always enjoy it once I take the time to do it. Tarra and I tag teamed it tonight, she set them and I took them down and that worked out well.

Love this boy!


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