Sunday, February 22, 2015

Almost There

Four more rides until our first show of the season. It has come up so fast! Benny has been doing well and we continue to polish our work. I ran through my first test (training level test 1) on Friday night and definitely saw a few places that needed work. I learned my second test (training level test 2) yesterday and I rode it today. It rides pretty nicely and I think both tests are well with in our capabilities. I've only hauled Benny out one time since I bought him so it will be interesting to see how he does and that's a big variable in Saturday's show. I suspect he'll be good but you just never know. Either way, we've got to start somewhere and we might as well get a baseline and know what we need to work on.

Trail ride last Sunday
Gorgeous sunset 
The weather has been nice for about two weeks now and the horses have been going out almost every day. The grass is growing and the mud is drying up. Spring is coming for sure! 

A happy Rozzy Ridge visiting with Liam
Today after I finished with Benny I spent some time with Emi and Roz. They both got cleaned up and Emi spent some time being tied. She was super good and ended up taking a little nap while I worked on Roz. 

Of course once we were done with that we had to get a few pictures together. She's a total ham!


  1. Can you figure out how to pm through here? Benny wants a pony hat and Id like to get your colors.

    Ps- I can't even recognize your baby girl. She's looking so grown up all the sudden. She's such a fancy filly.

    1. Oh, fun! I'm not sure but my email is I think the bigger Emi get's the fancier she is. :)

  2. love the white on her bottom lip, so cute!

  3. SOOO excited for your first show! I bet you guys will do awesomely! And damn, that horse is cute.

  4. Very exciting about your show! I'm sure Benny will be a star :)

  5. Awesome pictures of you and Emi!! I just can't figure out how to do that with Chrome. I never take selfies so I just suck at it I guess. I think I'm going to try putting his head over my shoulder because I've seen people take some good ones that way. :)


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