Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blog Hop: A Day in the Life

Tracy at Fly on Over asked what a day in our life looks like. I couldn't resist chiming in on this blog hop. It's interesting to see the schedule that others keep.

4:45am Alarm goes off (press snooze)

5:00am Grab my phone and check email, surf Facebook (aka try to wake up).

5:15am Get up and head outside to take care of Roz, Emi, our dogs, let the sheep out etc.

6:00am In from chores and hop in to the shower.

6:15am Out of the shower, make/pack my lunch & eat breakfast

7am Leave for work

7:30am Start work

10am Snack time!

12pm Lunch time!

3pm Snack time!

5pm Head home

5:30 Hit the exercise bike or rowing machine *I try to work out 3 days a week. On the nights I don't work out I normally spend extra time with Emi and Roz.

6pm Outside to take care of Roz and Emi

6:30pm Dinner

7pm Leave for NDF

7:15pm Arrive at NDF and start cleaning Benny up

7:45pm Ride

8:30pm Finish riding

8:45pm Feed grain to the horse at NDF

9pm Head for home to check Facebook, blog, decompress...

10pm Time for bed so that I can do it all over again tomorrow

What does your normal day look like?


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  1. haha my work day is definitely organized around food time too lol

  2. You definitely have a busy day!

  3. Man, apparently I'm like... the laziest equestrian. Maybe I should rename my blog .... LOL

  4. Your time is so organized!!! My alarm goes off at six thirty, I hit snooze until seven, then check email and Facebook trying to wake up. Seven thirty I eat and quickly dress for work. Seven fifty I leave for work. Eight I'm at work. Spend ten hours at work with no schedule or predictability whatsoever. Get home at six pm. Feed horses and dog. Shower. Cook and eat supper. Clean up. Internet time. In bed by eight pm to read. Asleep by nine or ten pm. No time to ride on week days because if I don't go to bed at eight I get a second wind and I'm up all night. Really annoying... Not find of my schedule right now. The only reason I'm still here is because I get Saturday, Sunday and Monday off work...


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