Monday, March 30, 2015

Catch Me If You Can

Benny led me on another merry not so merry chase on Sunday. He came over to me, took one piece of his carrot and took off.  I was already not feeling well but after walking around the huge pasture for over an hour I actually gave up. Note to self: the problem with having a half arab is that they have incredible stamina....however, it gave me plenty of time to watch him canter around and appreciate how much his canter is developing. He had an active hind leg and very little cross cantering. I also saw lots of clean flying changes. Apparently he's feeling way too good. What he didn't realize was that he caused his gelding field privileges to be revoked. He's now in a smaller pasture near the barn with one of the mares. At least it will give me a much better chance of being able to catch him if he decides to be crazy again. I went out this afternoon and caught him with out an issue. He was really muddy from running around the pasture (yesterday) so I gave him a bath and let him hand graze for a while. Hopefully he's not sore tomorrow and we are able to get a good ride in.


  1. Little stink. Sometimes they just have to show a little sass.

    1. He was showing more sass than I ever thought I'd see from him.

  2. ugh my mare has been giving me the stink eye lately too - and likes to play hard to get when the grass starts growing... hopefully Benny's feeling ok after all the escapades!

  3. Silly boy! You'd think they'd realize they work harder trying to avoid work than they do during it lol. Is it always Sundays that he plays hard to catch?? Maybe he thinks that should be the day of rest lol. I'm glad you were able to move him to a smaller field where you can catch him easier. I don't know if I realized that he cross cantered... Chrome does that. What exercises did you work on to get him stronger so that he stopped doing that?


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