Monday, March 16, 2015

Down Time

Benny had a large portion of last week off work due to my busy schedule. Our first ride (on Tuesday), after the clinic, was quite good. Our next ride was a couple of days later and we were definitely missing the magic. Today it was back in full force. Benny was awesome! It's so fun when things start coming together!I can't even believe how much he has improved over the last few months. I'm working to ride him very proactively and I'm also really thinking about my position. My goal is to have him ready for a move up to first level by mid summer. At the rate he's going it's totally doable.


  1. I know how that feels--Courage was MAGICAL the first ride after the clinic, then just kind of blah. I think he needed some time off to rest up those new muscles. :-) Best of luck with the move up.

  2. woo hoo - you can totally do it!!

    1. Thanks. We just have to keep working!


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