Sunday, March 1, 2015

Show Recap - Bears Above the Ground

Benny and I went to our first show yesterday along with April and her horse Pants. It was Pant's first riding horse show and we wanted to get to the show grounds with enough time to show them the competition arena. Because of that the morning started out very early with us leaving the barn by 5:45am. Benny loaded first and he pretty much walked right in. When we arrived at the show grounds he unloaded quietly and we headed straight over to the arena. He was a bit spooky when we went in but after a few minutes of walking around he was being totally fine. We spent about 15 minutes just hand walking before I took him to his stall to put his braids up. When I finished with that I helped April prep Pants and watched her go. Her last test was at 9:24 and I rode at 10:12. 

Scoping out the competition arena
I hustled to get Benny tacked up and we headed over to the warm up. April had mentioned that the footing wasn't great but I could really tell when I got on Benny. It was basically packed down dirt with chunks on top. Poor barefoot Benny was not enjoying it. After he took a few funny steps I decided warm up was officially over. He was being just fine but we hadn't worked very long. Our turn came up quickly and we headed in to the ring. I was the first person in our training level test 1 class and it was right after a break. The judge rang the the bell right away and off we went. The arena was apparently much different with his mom on his back because Benny was quite spooky. There was a videographer at one side of the arena that he wouldn't get close to and she was near the center of the court so it impacted several elements. We ended up with a 59% and 3rd out of 5. 

When we came out I decided to just hop off and chill with him for a bit before my next test. We took some pictures while we waited...

 I got back on with about 10 minutes to go and walked him around the warm up arena. When we went in to the show ring I first walked him over to check out the videographer. After circling around by her I picked up a trot, did one quick canter circle and we were off. This test was so much better and we hadn't even done anything in between the two. He wasn't spooky at all and just went in and did his job. There is definitely lots of room for improvement and continued polishing but I was really pleased with such a change between the two tests. We got several 7's on this test and even a 7.5 on his free walk. We scored a 65% and 2nd out of 12! I was thrilled to have had a good test in the second class and I know we can do even better with continued practice and a better warm up. 

He stood nicely tied to the trailer while we ate lunch.
Benny and Pants loaded well for the trip home and were happy to be turned out when we got back. He got today off and will have his regular Monday off before we get back to work on Tuesday. Saturday we get to ride with Jessica again and I'm really looking forward to getting more input.


  1. He's such a cutie. Glad you had fun!!

  2. Woo hoo! You guys look wonderful!

  3. Whoop!! Congrats on a great show!

  4. You get 1st in my book for turnout! What an attractive pair :)

  5. Beautiful turn-out! Love the beaded browband on him. Well done.

  6. you guys look great!! congrats! very nice that he settled in well enough to put in such a nice second test - definitely seems like he'll only continue to improve :)

    1. I think so. He's sensitive but smart.

  7. Well done! You guys look great. When's the next one? :)

  8. Congrats! You guys look great. I definitely hate that warm up arena, it's seriously one of the worst I've experienced.

  9. Congratulations! What a successful outing :D You and Benny both look fabulous all dressed up!!

  10. Wow those pictures are so awesome!!!!! Benny is so handsome!! You two look like professionals out there. :) I'm glad the second test went so much better. You can't really blame him for being a bit unsure during the first one. With more practice he won't be at all bothered. Congrats on your ribbons. You did such a great job. I'm so excited for you!


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