Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Emi got her hair cut! I had been letting it grow but I really wasn't loving it. However, I was a bit worried about how it would turn out once I cut it. I'm fairly happy with the finished product even though her mane is super thick. I just cannot imagine trying to pull it. Not only would she hate it but you'd have a hard time getting it to be thin enough. I think we are going to embrace a thick short mane and be happy that she can sport adorable button braids when she's in the show ring.
Beyond the transformation of her mane, I was thinking tonight about how much she has learned in the past year. I was out in the barn working with her and easily clipped her muzzle before tying her up to pick her feet and groom her. She stood quietly and was very polite with her hooves. When I finished with that I let her go and asked her to back up (with me just walking towards her). Next I tested her by grabbing her halter and asking her to put her head down. There was no resistance. The moment I grabbed the halter and pulled down she dropped her head to the ground. All of these are minor things but they add up to making a well rounded citizen. I think the baby girl is well on her way.
Baby Emi when she first came home


  1. Mane looks good!! And glad she's doing so well with her manners - those little things make all the difference in the world to me lol

  2. She looks great! I like the shorter mane - it compliments her neck.

  3. Those little moments can make a big difference. :-) I love watching her grow.

  4. I love the short mane!

  5. What a good little baby! She will be so wonderful. Oh wait, she already is!

  6. Isn't it so great knowing you did all of that???? Raising babies is so rewarding! :D You've done such a great job with her. The haircut looks great. It will be so much easier to keep combed too. Thick manes and tails are a LOT of work!


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