Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Cleaning

Today was a fantastic day. The weather suddenly turned spring like; sunny and warm! I have plans to bath almost all of my equine friends this weekend. Roz was first up this afternoon. I started by picking out his feet and he has an owie on his left front heel bulb. It looks like it may have been an abscess. I scrubbed it up well and will be keeping a close eye on it. I just picked his hooves a day or two ago and didn't notice anything. It's always something with horses!

When I finished cleaning Roz up I turned them (Emi and Roz) out in the pasture and went out to ride Benny. We had a great ride and I feel like we are finding our groove again. He's been wearing a break away halter to help with catching him, but he's actually been meeting us at the gate. I'm not sure what made the change but I'll take it. His canter work was quite good today. We are back to riding in my jump saddle because my dressage saddle is not fitting him well. I think we will be having a saddle fitter out to see what we can do to adjust it.

Once I got home I brought Emi and Roz in before working on their manes. Both got their manes shortened up. Emi will get her bath tomorrow. I can't wait to clean her up!


  1. Yay clean horses! I am also jealous of your sunny weather. ;-)

  2. Emi is so adorable and she's growing up so well. :-)

  3. aww Benny looks cute in brown tack too :) glad everyone enjoyed bath and spa time

  4. Glad Benny is getting easier to catch!

  5. Emi has dapples!! So gorgeous!!!!!!!!!


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