Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Call

We've all gotten that call. The one where someone from our barn calls to tell us something is wrong with our horse. I got that call this morning regarding Benny. He got in on the spring tune up appointment with Emi yesterday, getting his teeth floated and his spring vaccines.

The call I received today said he didn't eat his hay very well (although he did eat his grain), had been slow walking out to the field and was just standing in the field acting weird. They kept an eye on him until they had to leave for work. I wasn't able to get away from work for a couple of hours. In that time I got a call from a fellow boarder who noted that Benny was acting strange.

I got out to the barn around 11:15am and he was just standing quietly in the field. I went out to catch him and what did he do?! He ran away! Apparently he wasn't feeling that bad. I ended up cornering him and catching him in about 15 minutes. Since he had been running around I knew that his temperature would be elevated so I didn't bother with that. I did give him some banamine and turned him back out. At this point I was pretty certain that his neck is just sore from his vaccines.

Our barn has a group Facebook page so I commented on there that Benny wasn't feeling well and asked that everyone check on him when they were out there. I got the following updates:

  • "At 1:00 he was grazing and looking good."
  • "Happy as a clam as of 3:15"
  • "4:00pm - head down and eating. Looking perfectly normal"

It's so awesome to be at a barn where people look after each others horses. That's a definite (and huge) upside to a small, close knit barn.


  1. That's great that they helped keep you updated. I'm glad that he's okay.

  2. That's great that they helped keep you updated. I'm glad that he's okay.

  3. I think you have already had to deal with enough when Emi was sick. Benny, keep it together man! What an awesome barn though.

  4. What a great barn crew. :-) Glad Benny is ok.

  5. Glad Benny is doing well. The tight-knit group of fellow boarders is just one of the many reasons I love where Miles is too -- it's so nice!!

  6. Love barns like that! I'm hoping I find that down here in Atlanta, definitely had that with JLE. Glad Benny is doing okay too. Getting teeth done is never fun.

  7. aw so nice about the updates! glad Benny is ok too:)

  8. I'm glad he's okay! That's so awesome that the barn has a Facebook page where you all can keep in contact. So cool! :D


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