Thursday, May 14, 2015

Grass Crazy

I have a theory....I think Benny becomes a nut on rich spring grass! If we look back, I started to have some major catching trouble with him in March. To be totally fair, there had been reports of him being hard to catch before then, but things escalated quickly in March. Then he was moved to a smaller pasture with just one other horse. His first couple of days out there he was still difficult to catch so we put him in a break away halter.

Almost immediately after putting the halter on him he went back to being fine to catch. Actually, he's better than fine. He pretty much comes walking over every single time you go to catch him. This past week he was moved again. He's still in a small pasture (with that same one other horse), but this pasture had been getting a rest so it has quite a bit of grass in it. Starting last week Benny has become a little bit difficult under saddle. He's hot and takes quite a bit of work before he'll relax. I also had him run away when I turned him out after the farrier last Friday morning. He ran around like a crazy pony, which he normally wouldn't do. He also was running around one evening when my barn owner went out to catch him. She didn't have any trouble getting him but told me that he was pretty amped up.

There haven't been any other changes...and I finally realized that maybe it's the grass! Our rides this week have all been a struggle, and he'd been going SO WELL before the pasture switch. The rich spring grass is my current theory for an unfocused horse. I'm hoping he can pull himself together because we have two rides with JW this weekend! On one hand, if he's difficult I'm sure she can give me more tools to use to get his attention. On the other hand, I so want him to let me show her how much work we've put in and how much he has improved since our last lesson. Horses being horses, I'll probably get more tools in my toolbox. Tomorrow is a big clinic prep day at the barn and then Saturday and Sunday should be really fun!


  1. That sounds like an interesting theory. Hope your rides go well!

  2. oh Benny... makes sense tho. my mare runs away from me this time of year too haha, and becomes more of a monster for grooming/tacking. definitely a pain! have fun this weekend tho - hopefully Benny snaps right into work mode :)

  3. Oh wow, that totally makes sense...... he's like a kid on too much candy haha. I hope he settled down quickly!


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