Friday, May 22, 2015


One fun thing I forgot to mention about the weekend is that I got to introduce Jessica to Emi. For those of you who don't know, Jessica owns and rides Emi's dad, North Forks Cardi. She remarked about Emi's resemblance to Cardi. I turned Emi out in the pasture to have her run around, but since she was out muzzle free she was way more interested in eating than running.

Jessica asked what my plans are for Emi and I told her low level eventing and getting my bronze medal in dressage. She felt those were very reasonably goals and doesn't think I'll have any trouble accomplishing them. She also mentioned that saddle fit will most likely be a challenge. When I get to that point she's going to give me the specifics on the saddle that Cardi is currently being ridden it. She feels like it's the best fit yet!

Last night I spent some time playing with Emi. This was her first introduction to the umbrella. She marched right over to check it out. She was also completely unconcerned about having the hula skirt draped over her head. That's something that I wouldn't expect either Benny or Roz to be okay with but Emi was not bothered at all. We also did some groundwork from our clinic and Emi was right on target. Apparently she hadn't forgotten anything even though she's had a couple weeks off.


  1. That is so cool that she got to meet her! I'm sure that was a thrill for her too. Is Emi one of the first few years of his babies? Let me know when she sends you the magic saddle fit information, I have a feeling we'll be there with a Dressage saddle in the next year or two.

  2. it must feel SO GOOD to have your trainer be so confident in your ability to accomplish those goals! also very cool that she got to meet Emi

  3. So cool that you have a great resource like Jessica!

  4. That is so cool to be able to introduce her to her sire's owner!! I got to meet Chrome's sire, but I would love for his owner to meet Chrome. :D Maybe someday!

    P.S. Emi is awesome!


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