Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Laceration Update - Week 1

Emi is now one week post laceration and it appears to be healing up well. Today was the final day to put ointment in her eye. Now we just have one more week of the pirate hat. I think we will both be thrilled to have the sutures out and be back to "normal." She's being good, although she's not thrilled with me putting her mask back on after I've taken it off. 

I've been thinking about how to prevent further issues with this. I'm pretty certain that she was near the fence, wearing her grazing muzzle, and decided to scratch her face on the fence. The fence is woven wire and I suspect she just snagged her eye lid and it ripped. In the future I plan to put her fly mask on any time she is out wearing her grazing muzzle. Also, we are going to re-do their paddock fencing this summer and were already planning to add a strand of electric fence to that. We are going to continue on with that and add a strand of electric fence to the rest of their pasture. Hopefully adding a few extra precautions will eliminate future episodes.

Standing ground tied and this is what I came back to


  1. poor girl - glad she's almost finished treatment! they always find the most inventive ways to hurt themselves...

  2. Awww perfect ground tying!

    I think adding a strand of electric wire is a good idea. We're about to do the same thing to stop them from leaning over it and the goats from getting out.


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