Monday, May 4, 2015

Teeth Floating (Round 2)

Since Benny and Emi already had their teeth done, Roz and Liam were my next two victims. I took them both with me to work on Friday. Roz hadn't been trailered since his last trip in (in July) so I wasn't totally sure what to expect. He loads and hauls fine but when his hauling has been sporadic he can be a bit obnoxious. He walked up to the trailer, sniffed and then turned his head away to avoid it. I urged him back around and he hopped in. Once I had him tied up Emi realized that Roz was gone, so she started whinnying which got him started. Liam was next and he wasn't sure about getting on the trailer with the ruckus that Roz was making. His put his front feet in and then got back out, before hopping all the way in. As soon as he was in, I got the show on the road.

The handsome old dude
They trailered fine and unloading went smoothly. Both of them needed some minor dental work but they weren't bad. The people who worked on Roz commented that he was a sweetheart and a total lightweight for his sedation.

For the trip home I was only taking Roz. Liam stayed to participate in Pet Day; a big annual open house sort of event (he was one of the petting zoo animals). Roz loaded happily for the return trip home. Emi was thrilled to see us, although she seemed no worse for the wear. I like leaving her home every now and again. It's good for her.

Liam at Pet Day the following day. He was a hit!
The thrilled donkey, happy to be home. 


  1. liam might be the actual cutest!! what a sweetie

  2. I'm glad they all did well. Liam is so totally adorable!!!!!


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