Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Show Report

I took Emi to a local open show on Saturday. I haven’t ever been to this show before but I knew it was nearby and would be a decent outing for her. I cleaned Emi up on Friday night and braided her mane, but didn’t put it up. When I got out there Saturday morning she still looked pretty good. After letting them have some time on the pasture I brought her in to start doing her mane. I realized pretty quickly that the middle section of her mane was in too few of braids. Her mane is so thick that my braids were way too fat to put up well. Next time around I’m going to make them all a little smaller. 

I checked the time and thought I had enough time to change the center section from three braids to four. While I was doing that my mom came out and asked why there was brown yarn all over the yard….apparently my dog had stolen it from my braiding stuff and had a great time playing with it! Just as I was getting ready to take her out to the trailer I realized her whiskers needed to be trimmed, so we did that too. By the time I was satisfied that she was turned out alright we were leaving about 30 minutes after I had planned to load up.

As it turned out we arrived around the time that they started the first class. I got my number and got Emi unloaded and brushed. At that point we headed for the arena so that I could figure out how much time we had. She came of the trailer nice and quiet but after we had walked around for a bit she started getting amped up. I took her back over to the trailer to stand tied and eat some hay. She fussed for a couple of minutes but didn’t take long before she settled down to eat. 

We showed in 3 little halter classes and she was pretty good. We are going to work on a few things this week such as halting after you have trotted and standing square (and still). As a whole I could really tell a difference from last year to this year. She was much more calm and settled in the ring. She was definitely out of place with the plethora of stock type horses being shown, but that was okay. I was slightly underwhelmed by one nice QH that was being shown halter with a lip chain. He did not appear to be naughty so I have no idea what that was all about. The horse didn’t want to jog when he was supposed to either….I wonder why!

After our final class I had a lady ask my about Emi and where I had gotten her. Apparently she was on dreamhorse the night before looking for a welsh cob. I talked to her about Emi’s breeder and told her to look up Winterlake Welsh. We took some photos and I took Emi’s braids out before we loaded up and headed for home. 

My goal is to get her out a lot this summer so that next year when I’m riding her we are able to confidently go to shows. Saturday I felt like if she was broke to ride she would have been very ridable. Yah for a good baby horse and a successful outing. 


  1. She looks so fancy and grown up braided!

  2. Her braids look wonderful! And you guys look so good together, YAY Emi!

  3. Emi looks great – and so do your braids!

  4. Thank you. We get to do braiding round two this weekend. :)

  5. she is getting so much great experience and mileage - i expect you're right in thinking it'll seriously pay off in the future

  6. What a cute baby! I love her main all done up.

  7. I've been so slacking in the reading blogs department lately, but I'm going back to get caught up because I know fun things are about to start happening. I probably won't comment on every post like I normally do, but I'm reading all of them I promise! I'm glad the show went so well. She is so gorgeous! I love that last picture of the two of you. :D


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