Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sunday Adventure

I've been quiet lately, not because anything is wrong or I don't have anything to write about...I just don't have enough time! Life has been crazy busy the last few weeks between work, family members that were moving, hay hauling (so much hay) etc.

In the midst of the craziness I did haul Emi up to Perrydale Trails on Sunday and got to meet Michelle.  It's so fun to meet other bloggers in real life. Emi was excited coming off the trailer. Once we got down to where the other horses and riders were I put her to work, hoping to get her focused. We walked over some bridges and then I took her over a mattress on the ground. She stepped on it and immediately backed off of it. She was skeptical but did cross it with me several times.

The owner of Perrydale Trails asked how long I have been working with her, and commented that she really trusts me. I thought that was neat! She then suggested I try taking her through a mister. Emi gave it a wide eyed look but walked right through it. I took her back through it the other direction where the mist would be blowing right in her face. She was fine with that too.

We moved off to explore some of the other obstacles and then tackled one water obstacle before taking a break. Emi was not a fan of the water but Michelle took Lance through and Emi did end up deciding to go. The only problem? She jumped in! She got her leg over her lead rope and almost took me out scrambling across. We were able to cross it a couple more times with another horse leading us through and by the third time she walked through pretty well.

Standing tied to the trailer having a snack

After our break we explored some obstacles close to the trailer. Including these pool noodles. I also discovered I need to get a flag for her to play with because that is one thing she was really not a fan of!

Our next stop was the pond, although we navigated several obstacles on the way. Emi's go to response is still to jump if she's not sure of something. I was taking her through a ditch (photo below) that had a mattress at the bottom of it. Emi was right at the edge of the mattress when she decided she wasn't really interested in this she jumped out of the ditch. Totally controlled, totally graceful, out over the log and up onto the bank. I think she will make a fabulous eventer!

Michelle offered to pony Emi off of Lance for the next water crossing. Lance was not a fan but Michelle made it work and took Emi through twice with out too much fuss. She didn't want to go back in the second time but then jumped in and stood pawing. We finished on that note as I needed to get home to haul more hay.

I'm not going in....
If you insist!
The water is not so bad after all


  1. I was tickled to finally get to meet you! So glad you came; Emi was a star.

  2. these pictures are so adorable - she looks like she's thinking sooo hard haha!

  3. Too cool!!!!! I love those obstacles!! I wish we had something like that here. It's too funny that she jumped out of that ditch thing. I'm glad she jumped out and not on you. :)


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