Friday, July 3, 2015

Near Miss

Today Benny and I had fun plans to go on a trail ride. Although we were just hauling a few miles up the road, I was excited to get off the farm.  Benny hasn't been on a trailer since our clinic in March, so it was good to get him out and about, especially since he has a show next weekend.

We got a fairly early start since we knew it was supposed to be hot. We arrived at our destination and unloaded the ponies. I tied Benny at the end of the trailer and stepped into the tack room to get his boots. When I stepped out I just saw his lead rope get hooked on the rear latch of the trailer. He felt the rope tighten, and pulled back. His leather halter gave way fairly easily (it seemed) and Benny went trotting towards the nearby highway. I took off after him hoping to cut him off before he made it across the road. Thankfully he went in to a grassy area between the horse trailer and the highway. He trotted around a little bit but then settled into eating. I guarded the road while my friend grabbed Benny's rope and took her horse over to try to catch him. As I'm watching him like a hawk, all I can think of is that the horse is nearly impossible to catch in a large pasture, let alone scared and loose by the busy highway.

I breathed a sigh of relief when he was caught, and I ran back to the trailer for a spare halter. His own halter was hanging on by a thread. I'm surprised the that chin piece broke and not the crown, but that was most likely our saving grace for being able to catch him. Once he was securely haltered we took turns holding the horses so that we could tack up.

Our trail ride itself was awesome. Benny walked along on the buckle and in the lead, for about 90% of the ride. It was super relaxing and fun! About a month ago I had taken him out on the trail and he was tossing his head incessantly. The only thing I could figure out was that bugs were bothering him. I bought him a quiet ride fly mask and used it for the first time today. It worked like a charm and we had no further head tossing.


  1. Happy your ride went okay despite the craziness before!

  2. yikes glad he wasn't too difficult to catch! sounds like a fun ride otherwise

  3. Whew! That had to be SCARY; glad it ended well.

  4. Scary close call!! I'm glad he was caught safely and that the mask helped with the head tossing. :)


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