Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I thought about my tests and watched my video, prior to my ride tonight. I was pondering what I saw and what I felt. I think there were a few things that contributed to me riding behind the motion/driving him. The first issue is that I'm still having saddle fit problems with him, and I'm borrowing a friends saddle that fits him well but is too small for my long legs. Secondly, I think I've let him sucker me in to him not carrying me. Instead of just going with him I'm nagging him along with out even realizing it. Tonight I set about getting him truly forward, while keeping my position in mind. Wouldn't you know we had a great ride!? I kept it short and sweet but I think that is the source of some of our problems. I'm just not expecting a strong enough response to the aids, and so we are just plugging along. It will be fun to see if that theory holds true as I continue to work on it with him.


  1. It's amazing the little things we can miss day to day. Hope that's the key. :-)

    1. Right!? It's those little details that slip by!

  2. interesting! i have the same issues with unconsciously trying to do all the work for my mare... it's a tough habit to break!

  3. Ha! You'd think I remember this, but it seems like every now and then I need a reminder: when you ride correctly, your horse will go correctly. Easier said than done for sure, but it works!!


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