Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Little Things

With my trip to the Event at Rebecca Farm, I have been thinking about what my horses will need while I'm gone. You don't realize how many little things you do on a daily basis until you are asking someone else to do it. Besides the usual feeding (which currently looks like cooking because Emi gets a small amount of grain, aloe juice, and probiotics) and watering, I do several other things. When fly masks come off at night both horses get their face and ears rubbed. Then I grab a comb and pull Emi's tail hair out from under her bum. It's got to be a thick trail "problem". As she swishes her tail the hair gets stuck under her tail bone, kinda like a wedgie. I can't imagine that it's very comfortable so I'm always combing it out. I then comb the cockleburs out of her forelock and feathers. Next I pick feet and groom Emi. I run a brush over Roz every couple of days, but since he doesn't really enjoy it, he gets a little less grooming time. I check their bellies for any fly bites and if they have any scabs I apply Repel-x. This is normally done every 3-4 days with fly spray as need. I'm sure they will survive with out me for a week, but I enjoy my routine with them and making sure they are adequately pampered. What little things do you do for your horse?
Frisky girl
Side note: if you wear sun shirts - check out the under armor shirts on sale at Smartpak. I bought two and they arrived tonight. They are awesome! Super light weight and stretchy.


  1. good call on the under armor shirts - checking those out now!

  2. My girls both get the thick tail wedgie :) I comb them out regularly, because both will start rubbing their tails if you don't. They both like grooming and I have accumulated about a million lotions and potions specific to them :)


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