Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Update from Rebecca Farms (1) - Glacier National Park

It has been super duper busy here. Enjoy this first round of photos from our trip to Rebecca. The jumping photos are schooling at Herron Park, just a few minutes down the road from Rebecca Farms. 

I found a bunny!

Then we went to Glacier National Park this afternoon. It was super gorgeous!

The closest I came to a Big Horn Sheep. I really wanted to see one in real life but we didn't ever see one.

This one is like "where's waldo?" except where is the mountain goat? 

Sunset from Rebecca Farm


  1. gorgeous pictures - love the one of the goat just chillin sprawled out on the rocks haha

  2. Great pics, and wow...that sunset is fantastic!

  3. What a gorgeous place!! I bet you had so much fun! I found Waldo hehe.


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