Monday, August 17, 2015

2* & 3* at Rebecca Farm

I've been incredibly slow getting these photos up. I had hoped to blog more regularly while we were at Rebecca but it ended up being a total whirlwind. Here are a few photos I got from the 2* and 3* riders on cross country. It was so fun to watch and there were some incredible pairs. There was also quite a bit of trouble that took place on the course. Most of these photos are from the 3rd water complex on the course. We saw many near misses and several riders withdrew after refusals in this area. 

 There had already been one fall at this fence when we arrived to watch. Check out that front leg! 

And the next horse through had the same thing happen. Rumor has it they will not be using that fence next year. For some reason the horses were not having an easy time judging it.

 This flag kept getting knocked down. The jump judge enlisted a volunteer in shorts and flip flops the first time. After that sacrificed her own boots!


  1. You know, these just make me glad I love dressage!

  2. You got some great photos! Note to self - never jump judge at the water complex :)

  3. great pictures!!! those look like really challenging combos too

  4. Awesome photos! Man that looks like a tough complex though. Scary shrimp cocktail jump!

  5. Wow, you had a great vantage point!

  6. Incredible pictures!! You took way better pictures than I did at Rolex lol.


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