Thursday, August 20, 2015

Always Learning

Tonight I had a first time lesson with a local instructor, KB. I'm friends with a few of her students who have moved up the levels and do well in the show ring. She definitely pegged our weak areas and we have our homework to do until our next lesson. To simplify it, in the trot he needs to bring his head (and withers) up, and in the canter he needs to put his head down and relax across his topline. In our transitions I need to get him rounder and lower than any other time since that's when he wants to pop up. It won't be like that forever, but for now that's where he needs to be. We also need to be working towards more self carriage and I need to give to him more frequently. We've been battling it out recently regarding the connection and although it has been improving I definitely feel like I'm arguing with him way too much. Our ride tonight was quite pleasant and as we worked, I gave to him, and he became lighter. I'm really excited to see the progress he makes as we get more frequent instruction. We also have two more shows that were recently added to our calendar. I can't wait!

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  1. Always nice to have a good first lesson with a new instructor. :)


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